The Inpatient rehabilitation Module entails round the clock supervision and guidance by the medical specialists at the Rehab center, which is mostly a non-hospital setting. This treatment method requires the patient to reside at the center and undergo complete medication and therapy at the facility itself. It helps to cut out the individual from the stress and pressure of the outside world and helps the patient to work towards rehabilitation.

Depending upon the complexity and intensity of the addiction, the patient’s stay at the center could range from a few days to several months. By providing continuous support, guidance, care and sympathy to the patients, the staff and medical specialist ensure that the psychological addiction is overcome effectively to prevent any chance of a relapse.

The Inpatient Treatment method is based on a combination of detoxification medication, individual and group therapy, individualized treatment schedule and personalized care for the patients to ensure effective and lasting recovery. The complete rehabilitation from drug addiction is only possible once the mental, psychological as well as the physical craving for drug consumption is overcome by the patients and even the remote possibility of a relapse occurring is eliminated.

After having successfully overcome or downgraded the intensity of the drug addiction through the Inpatient Treatment Program, it is imperative for the patients to undergo the Outpatient Treatment Program or Aftercare Programs to reduce the risk of relapse.

The Outpatient Treatment Program involves the daily or regular involvement of the patient in the group and individual therapies without having the commitment of residing at the center. They are involved in all group activities that the residential patients are part of and their daily activities do not differ much from those that the latter are involved in. All counseling and treatment methods are the same.

Owing to the really high expenses that Residential Treatment programs entail, sometimes people with family or work commitments also opt directly for the Outpatient treatment Program rather than the residential module. As they are not required to reside at the center, the living expenditure is saved and significantly reduces the treatment costs. It is the intensified Detox medication, individualized treatment schedule for each patient and the availability  of medical specialists and expert staff that ensure effective rehabilitation and in due time, complete recovery for all patients of drug addiction.

Absolutely no amount of medication or guidance and support would have any effect if the treatment is not complemented by a congenial atmosphere and friendly and sympathetic staff at the center. All forms of treatment for drug addiction demand absolutely individualized treatment, personalized care, intense support and proper guidance to each patient for ensuring complete recovery and consequent rehabilitation to their family and social lives. These are the qualities that the in house staff and expert medical specialist at Drug Rehab Center Connecticut are known for throughout the length and breadth of American soil.